Sketchbook page #3

June 8, 2011 § 7 Comments



So my mister is always getting on my case about using just ink, or just pencil, or just red paint. I dont fight him back even though I want to shake him furiously and yell, “impossible”. The thing is, I am starting to think he is right and I am just scared. Everytime I use just one medium, something really cool happens. Like the pics above.

I decided to only draw faces, looking at each other, until the entire page was filled. Drawing the same exact thing over and over is difficult, so I didn’t worry about detail or size. It took me all day, off and on and I finally produced a sketch for a neat painting. You have to love this. It was my mister’s idea to have the little guys peeking at each other and if you look real close you might feel like they are mumbling to each other!


Tiger lilies, lil too much orange

June 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

20110531-115339.jpgart table, sketch in progress

20110531-115448.jpgfinal piece, 8×11


20110531-115519.jpganother detail, wish it was paint

Ok, if you didn’t know by now I never paint stills, portraits, or flowers. I am more of a graffiti, monster, design kind of gal. Every now and then though, I buckle, and create something cool enough to show. My sister and I were talking the other day about favorite flowers. My favorite flower hands down, is a sunflower. Second place, Cala Lilies. She seems to like lilies too, just of the tiger sort! Well, I was sitting at the table watching my mister work diligently, and felt inspired by all the work. I used my colored pencils and started to sketch some flowers. You never know what will happen when you step outside that box…I finished it, not very happy with the colors but overall, satisfied. My sister loved them but I think my pencil work is a bit rusty. I wish I had some spare canvas and some time because I would do them over in oil or acrylic. I just wish it didn’t come out so damn orange.

Hello card, 2/2

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

20110531-112351.jpglaying down color, placing flowers

20110531-112443.jpgdetail of watercolor and ink flowers

20110531-112630.jpgfront of card, layering technique

20110531-112714.jpgdetail of front

I have a pretty standard way of making cards, and paintings in general. I always prep the paper or canvas with washes and mixed media collage, and work it up in layers. Lately, I have found this process gets easier if I make the second layer a repetitive pattern or motif. This works great for cards, stickers, and bookmarks.

For this card I chose the flower motif I have been using lately. I have been seeing these flowers in my dreams. I have actually posted similar pictures here, here, and here. The lady I am giving this card to is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She told me her favorite color is green and I figured a little blue and yellow wouldn’t hurt considering green wouldn’t exist without them! I really think she will like it. I feel like all cards should be artwork. Some people throw cards away, or stash them away in a box. My goal is to create cards that people will want to share. I want the cards to be a piece of art within itself, with a mat and frame if it fits. This goal makes making greeting cards much more enjoyable, especially knowing I could sell them sometime soon.

Thank you card, 1/2

May 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

20110531-104857.jpgtin full of watercolor pencils20110531-104906.jpgbeginning of something hallmark worthy20110531-104929.jpgfront cover20110531-104939.jpgfront detail, note the layers

I have been doing some odds and ends when it comes to artwork. Nothing too fancy because of all the NY talk in my life. I did get a chance to make some greeting cards for some friends. I also am working on custom envelopes for the odd-shaped cards. They came out big and very square, but who minds that?

The above card is 1/2, done in all watercolor and ink. I cut the original piece and glued it to another front piece. It gives it some “oomph” and some extra texture. I really like the colors in this one. It’s a very “summer afternoon margarita in the sun” color scheme. The lady I made it for has never seen any of my artwork, and isn’t very artistic or knowledgable about art. I wanted to excite her senses without turning her off of my style. Some people are so uncomfortable about art. People are afraid of what they don’t know.

What do you think? Is it too crazy? Or would you buy it off of a Hallmark shoppe card rack?

Tattoo testing 123

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I never draw tattoos, even for my friends. Having your artwork on somebody’s skin is quite an honor. To me, it is more of a burden and responsibility. The problem is that most artwork never gets rendered in the way that it should by tattoo artists. If I had actual tattooing skills, I would be doing it all the time. The thought of someone else drawing my work, with a needle on skin, is awkward to me.

Lately though, I have been getting tons of requests. Enough requests to actually change my mind about doing commissions and start making some money off these sketches. The cool thing about drawing things for other people is the lack of attachment to the piece. I love everything I draw in my sketchbooks, but if it’s for someone else I seem to be able to let it go easier.

The picture above was an idea for a tattoo I had. My sister loved it and said it would work on skin. Some people get the strangest things on their bodies. I think I’ll stick with the basics for now. Black and white, plain and simple. Luckily, there are these magical things called microns to sketch until I can learn how to airbrush hibiscus flowers. Ha!

Goobers and Geezers

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Well, if you didn’t know I am a front desk clerk at a hotel in a beach town. Sounds simple, but it’s not. I’ve had more ridiculous questions asked in the last month than I have had my entire life. The hotel business is really just a test of patience and sanity! I do have some great moments, that I will never forget. This week I got some golf groups in, most of them retired, rich, and ready to rumble without their New York, mint-eating, musk-wearing wives! I loved them all and wondered if I could catch them for some photos. Apparently, golf vacation trips are so full of beer drinking, casino time, and young honey searching that this was not possible. What they don’t know is that I have been sketching them in my free time and finally put my favorites together on one page.

The best ones are the ones that curse like they are 16, drink like they are 21, and have egos of 30 year old bachelors! I love the twinkle in their eyes when I tell them about bar specials or where to buy some cigars. The guy in the top right hand corner was definitely my favorite. He talked in secret so his lovely wife couldn’t hear and tried to party with everyone that wasn’t on his trip. Oh, the joy in seeing old people acting up…He also had this awful frown/smirk that he kept his entire stay.

I have some copies so I might give them some color or collage them. I was really happy with the result, might even turn them into a painting. I finally have some free time in the next two days so I hope to get some sketching done. I hope these guys will keep you company until then…

What a Wednesday!

May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

HEY! I know it has been some time since the last post but let me tell you something! I am one busy little buzzing bee by the beach! I received some pretty awesome news today, news like none other.

My friend told me there is a neat store on the boardwalk that is having a show at the end of May and I was terribly curious about it. I found the ad in the paper and called them up today. The guy said that he had some people drop out of the show (why? crazy.) and that he had some openings. I told him that I painted monsters and did some graffiti and he said he would be willing to look at my work. So, I have to send some pictures of my sketchbook or some paintings and hopefully he likes what he sees! The neat thing about the show is all the artwork must be done on blank skate decks! How awesome is that? I love when the art surface is limited in size or even style, because I have to fit all my passion and good good lovin’ in a different way! So yeah, there’s that.

AAAAAANNNNDDD! Even more exciting…..drum roll please!!!!
My good buddy John Casey has invited me to be part of an art collaboration with him! He has some really great things going on and I really look up to him as far as art is concerned. He has been showing a lot lately, and he is working on a collab with several other artists. I will tell you more about it as soon as I find out. I may be in a show, maybe even a book! AHHH, just to work with him is enough! Wish me luck! If you have the time, definitely stop by his website and look at his work. His blog is even better…

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