Classic tattoo art

July 16, 2011 § 5 Comments

the colors aren’t really my cup of tea, but the design is a keeper

this was everyone’s favorite, it took me forever. I do love working in some graphite though…

a classic skull and swords and cross thing…think pirates.

this is a banner I made, thinking about making it a permanent on the blog or gravatar

I was hard at work the last two days drawing, drawing, drawing! I did at least four new pages in the sketchbook, which means I am getting down to the nitty-gritty. I am so excited to finish it! I can’t believe that I actually completed it up to this point. I’ll post the new video as soon as I am done. I also did some work on the side…

I had a craving for some graphite on my hands so I brought out some old techniques. I was having a discussion about classic tattoo art and the possibilities that it can bring for an artist. I have never tattooed anyone in my life, but I am sure that I could design a tattoo. I wrote a similar post back in May about it. Since I have been in New York, that’s all I see. I have also been interested in them, wanted them, and thought about how many amazing tattoos exist.

I tried to put my own little spin on them, with my graffiti/edgy style. Classic with a touch of modern and young. I am not sure what is missing but I feel like the project isn’t complete. Maybe some classic colors? Or sailor mermaids and “mom” written in a bleeding heart! More research, more work, and more motivation will get this where I need it to be.

And by the way, I had over 40 views yesterday about my blog moving and only four comments. Does that mean that I shouldn’t move because I had so many people reading yesterday? Or does it mean that 40 people read but doesn’t care enough to put their two cents in? I just don’t know…


Ugly art

July 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

what’s he staring at? Or who is staring at him?

up close and personal

this is the result of boredom

so ugly, it’s cute

People sometimes keep the kind of art that they do when they are bored. It’s usually tucked away in the old sketchbook, on loose leaf paper, in envelopes, maybe even the fridge. I keep mine, for the first time ever, because I must be crazy. I used to throw it all away, but now I keep it so I can cut it up and use later. Those two ugly guys you see above are the result of boredom.

The first one is a two-page spread that isn’t quite complete. I’m not sure how to clean it up, or if I should just leave it. I had originally drew the little bighead on watercolor paper but the colors got muddy, so I cut him up and glued him up nice and neat. He fits well enough, but maybe some words for company? The second ugly guy, is of the spiky sort and inside of a flowerpot. This is something I have drawn before but a little neater.

The point of this post is to tell you that art is good, even when it’s bad. Honestly. If you hate it, keep it. Someone might like it, you could cut it up or alter it later. You could use it for reference or just to laugh at. I know I sound bonkers but it’s all true. I made a resolution that I was going to keep my bad art, and I have only gotten good things out of it.

Black moon rising

July 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

20110703-041255.jpganother dreamcatcher, less optimistic in design

20110703-041301.jpgrock cities are never-ending

20110703-041307.jpgtriangles and mountains and volcanoes erupting

20110703-041313.jpganti and some brain matter

20110703-041319.jpgthis was colorful, maybe a neat painting?

20110703-041329.jpgall my ideas and sketches and moods can be summed up by this page. The blackout poetry reads: “dark and anonymous people have spiritual memories and transient moments”

Forgive me art world, for I have sinned. I have a confession to make…
I have always worked diligently and enthusiastically when it comes to art. I am mostly self taught, except for what I learned in high school and a bit a art college. I try to find new art, new artists, and new ideas and techniques every, single, day. The problem comes when I can’t execute them correctly, or in an appealing manner. If you are an artist or not you know that life’s worry and stress can sometimes get in the way. When I get to this point I seem fold in my feathers, tuck in my wings, and waddle backwards!

I confess that sometimes I create artwork just to create. Granted, pulling out all my art supplies and doodling is somewhat “brainstorming” but is that really a way to create? I have this bad habit of drawing the same thing over 30 different ways, or just spilling paint into my sketchbook with no direction. I paint this way and it’s usually always successful. But when it comes to sketchbooks, it’s a whole different story.

The point is I have been tossing and turning lately. I haven’t been sleeping well, and even had some strange dreams. I’m not really stressed, just working on a lot of stuff. I have to make stencils, do some silkscreening, finish some large scale drawings, and work on my blog. Plus, deal with crazy, New York! Ahh, the pressure. I feel like there really is a black moon rising, and the eclipse might bring some awesome artwork. Are these pages a sign of what’s to come? Ominous and foreboding, or a sneak peek to some dark art done in my edgy style?

Finally! Favorite blogs list

June 29, 2011 § 5 Comments

It has taken me months to decide on how I want this list to be presented. I have arranged my daily blog reads in random order, with my favorite photo and my own two cents to get you started. I feel like this list is important because I am inspired by these people every single day. If you love me, and value my opinion please visit some of these blogs. All links are included and clicking on the picture leads to the blog homepage. Thanks and enjoy. This list has a permanent home on the left hand side of my blog, in the Pages Area. (I have another list in the works, listing just websites and portfolios, so keep an eye out.)

20110628-075652.jpgApollo Kids Live is one of the most thought-provoking blogs I have come across in a long time. It is updated daily, sometimes more than once, with profound quotes and really inspiring photos. I am a fan of the renegade, rebellious, anarchist vibe it has. Oh, and they love astronauts, music, and craft beer.

20110628-075701.jpgJohn Casey is my art hero. I have never been so inspired (and quite envious) of an artist before. His subject matter, technique, craftmanship, and compassion for his craft is astounding. Check out his blog for gallery info and art event info. He is such a nice guy and he knows a lot about good beer.

20110628-075718.jpgWeja is one of the most spunky, kooky, quirky, off-the-wall people I can think of. Her artwork is incredible and worthy of your attention. Everything screams with color and wonder. Her tumblr is also worth a glance. It’s full of neat fauna, mushrooms, and enchanting magical places.

20110629-114009.jpgPeirce, the one and only, is a graphic designer by day, ninja by night. She has a great sense of humor and stays true to the things she believes in. If you want a laugh, reality check, and some inspiration check out her blog.

20110628-075816.jpgBen Isaiah is the best damn blacksmith, metal worker, glass blower, and jewelry maker I know. I have never seen such beautiful work. He is always putting out new work and updates and you should definitely take some time out of your day and check out his work.

20110628-075731.jpgJenny, from Starting Over Studio is my best blogging friend (if this is an actual term of endearment). She runs a very up close and personal blog about making art and creating part of her new and improved life. She has plenty of great insight on people, places, and being true to what you desire. She always updates and is unpredictable when it comes to her art journals, and scrapbooking.

20110628-075754.jpgLeslie is my mentor that I never met. I have learned a lot of new things from this lady. I love her blog because she is so one-on-one with her readers. If you have a question, she is bound to answer it with all her heart. She always updates and her watercolors are amazing. Oh, and she leaves wonderful comments.

20110628-075809.jpgLinda is one of those gals I found and wish my blog was like hers. Her wordpress is full of updates, tutorials, personal stories, and great photos. Everything is so organized and she is also good at leaving great comments to keep you motivated.

Sophie is a blogging buttercup from the other side of the world. She runs an updated blog, strictly of collage art. She is my go-to source for collage inspiration. She welcomes original work and submissions/links. Definitely check her blog out for refreshing posts. Oh, and she listens to good music.

20110629-115718.jpgEmily, from Looking West is one smart cookie, with great taste in art. I am a huge fan of her poetry and art posts. Her blog is so inspiring, it’s easy to read it a couple of times a day. Her archive is heaven in html form.

20110629-114602.jpgPJ runs one of my most favorite blogs. She does one hell of a job when it comes to folk art, and knows how to present it in a way that keeps you coming back for more. Colorful, organized, updated, personal, and always with a laugh, she is hands down worth a visit.

20110628-075800.jpgChongolio is new to my daily blog reads, but I am so glad I added him to my list. He updates on his art journals, which I am a big fan of. He has such crazy art journal pages and I just love his style. His laid-back, “everything is gonna be alright” attitude is contagious. He is always in a good mood and I always feel so cheered up after visiting his blog or tumblr.

Nicholas Di Genova is a name you might have heard, and if you haven’t then you are missing out on one the the best artists out there. This guys sense of work ethic, determination, and endurance is incredible. He is hands down one the the best artists that I don’t know. He’s a pretty nice guy with a ton of talent. He draws thousands of everything.

Megan is also rather new to my blog list but it’s one good read. I love her blog because she is always posting great wildlife stories about crows and trees and things. She has a great sense of humor and her mini illustrations are quite unique. She has some photography, painting, and stories. Variety is key to good blogging if you ask me.

Erin, from Art-is-try is also new to my frequent reading list, but for good reason. She makes homemade books! I love sketchbooks, handmade/bound journals, and book arts. Her sense of color and craftsmanship is noteworthy. She is always posting something new and personal and you should definitely check her out if you are into that kind of thing.

Anastasia is currently residing in Spain, sending me a note or two every now and then of the amazing things she sees. She runs a street art and graffiti site and it’s my favorite. I am biased when it comes to graffiti, I am a fan of the original 80’s train work, and anything from Australia, Brazil, and Spain. She takes just her and her camera on daily walks and documents the amazing work she sees. The awesome thing about her blog is that she actually knows a lot about art, and will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Dreamcatchers, jellyfish, and worry washers

June 25, 2011 § 7 Comments





Why do I love watercolor so much? Why are watercolor pencils, pen, and ink the best media in the world? The answer is above. You can do almost anything and everything with water soluble media. I bought some watercolor paper so I could make some cards for some friends, but I needed a break. I got the idea from a sketch in my book, and figured to run with a series. I had a great time doing this because it’s as close as I can get to actual “painting” with having canvas, foamcore, wood, acrylic, oils, turpentine, etc. If you want to know my painting style, this is it. Until I post my old paintings on the blog, this is the best idea of the way I work. It should speak for itself, I hope.

The first photo is of the first piece I completed. The colors are odd, and were kind of a mistake. I reworked it yesterday and came out with a neat piece. I cut it up and overlapped some places. The second one was a brave decision. I wanted it brighter and bolder. This was my favorite until I started the last piece. I think this one has less of a jellyfish vibe, and more of a dreamcatcher effect. I cut out pieces of this too, to break up color.

Each one is about 4 x 7, and I think they look nice in a row but I might do some more, to create a textile/quilt thingamajig. I don’t know…I was practicing my old techniques from my younger days. It relieved some worries on my mind and it always feels good to get some work done. I think this may be the best art I’ve done since I’ve been NY. Whaddya think?

Linda’s Spring Challenge

June 22, 2011 § 5 Comments

20110621-082740.jpgOriginal photo

20110621-082751.jpgmy final piece

20110621-082802.jpgup close & personal

Linda’s blogging challenge was something that I was really excited to participate in. I was really surprised that it was such a difficult task! Linda, runs one of the best blogs around, and it has become a daily read. She challenged everyone to read, and hopefully be inspired to do a piece of art or writing. The quote, “the leaping greenly spirits of trees”, from e.e. cummings, became the main prompt.

I am in NYC now and didn’t have a lot of “nature” to inspire me. So, I took a recent photo from my album and painted it. I had originally posted the photo of the Eastern Field at my parents’ house here. It was nice to study the picture, and paint a spin on it. I really don’t paint like this, but I think I might do it more often. It was so difficult for me to lay down the right layers, place the right brushstrokes, and actually be comfortable with showing it. I will say, I am proud of it. Make sure you check out everyone’s submissions at Linda’s.

Hello card, 2/2

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

20110531-112351.jpglaying down color, placing flowers

20110531-112443.jpgdetail of watercolor and ink flowers

20110531-112630.jpgfront of card, layering technique

20110531-112714.jpgdetail of front

I have a pretty standard way of making cards, and paintings in general. I always prep the paper or canvas with washes and mixed media collage, and work it up in layers. Lately, I have found this process gets easier if I make the second layer a repetitive pattern or motif. This works great for cards, stickers, and bookmarks.

For this card I chose the flower motif I have been using lately. I have been seeing these flowers in my dreams. I have actually posted similar pictures here, here, and here. The lady I am giving this card to is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She told me her favorite color is green and I figured a little blue and yellow wouldn’t hurt considering green wouldn’t exist without them! I really think she will like it. I feel like all cards should be artwork. Some people throw cards away, or stash them away in a box. My goal is to create cards that people will want to share. I want the cards to be a piece of art within itself, with a mat and frame if it fits. This goal makes making greeting cards much more enjoyable, especially knowing I could sell them sometime soon.

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