Linda’s Spring Challenge

June 22, 2011 § 5 Comments

20110621-082740.jpgOriginal photo

20110621-082751.jpgmy final piece

20110621-082802.jpgup close & personal

Linda’s blogging challenge was something that I was really excited to participate in. I was really surprised that it was such a difficult task! Linda, runs one of the best blogs around, and it has become a daily read. She challenged everyone to read, and hopefully be inspired to do a piece of art or writing. The quote, “the leaping greenly spirits of trees”, from e.e. cummings, became the main prompt.

I am in NYC now and didn’t have a lot of “nature” to inspire me. So, I took a recent photo from my album and painted it. I had originally posted the photo of the Eastern Field at my parents’ house here. It was nice to study the picture, and paint a spin on it. I really don’t paint like this, but I think I might do it more often. It was so difficult for me to lay down the right layers, place the right brushstrokes, and actually be comfortable with showing it. I will say, I am proud of it. Make sure you check out everyone’s submissions at Linda’s.


Collage of spring and Sophie

April 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

detail of collage

20110410-033058.jpgplacing the elements

20110410-033113.jpgadding color splashes

20110410-035339.jpg finished piece

Miss Sophie has been a big fan of my work and my tumblr since I started it a couple f weeks ago. I absolutely love her blog and get tons if inspiration from her posts. Through some art talk we decided it would be cool to actually do a collage about her. The above photos are the result. I had started out with something a little less “edgy” in mind, but in the end, liked the piece. I like the color scheme and the fact that she has Mickey ears on. What do you think? Leave me a comment and be honest!

The piece is pretty small and a square, which I rarely work on. It’s also scrapbooking paper so the watercolor had a very distressed and muted look about it. It felt good to complete a project! I think I am down to five now… Ha! The pencil piece is next, hope that turns out. I am going to do more collages dedicated to Miss Sophie. She’s such a darling and I need fans like her in my life.

Happy Sunday guys!

Green man, gold tooth

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment



There it is! If you skip back a couple of posts you can see the beginning steps of the process. I had a lot of fun doing this one… Never really paint like this. I am a stickler for shading and clean lines but I started something and had to finish it. The colors worked out for the best and he’s still green. Please note the gold tooth.

I did this painting in about 2 days. Maybe 20 hours tops. I like it and I am really proud of the outcome. Maybe I’ll make him a series.


March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Springtime wishes will wash you away.

I almost forgot to say that I have a “up and running” tumblr. I don’t know if you heard but I have been posting there for a couple days now and I really like it. I think it will be mostly details of works and “in progress” photos. Think of it as visual tweeting without the twitter. I try to keep it up to the minute if I am at the art table. Lots of pictures will show up there that “speak” for themselves. If you like cool iPhone and lomo pics of dead things, paint palettes, and collages, then my tumblr is just for you.

2 new paintings

March 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

first layer, really old acrylics
second layer, starting to smell like moss
first layer of second painting, never worked on a canvas board like this before
second layer, pink is too bright

I started a painting the other day and I figured I would show the first steps. I am using some ratty little tubes of acrylic my buddy Ben gave me years ago. (He makes the most beautiful things, check his site out…) They smell awful, kind of like a basement of rotting forest floor. I think it will give some extra “oomph!” to the piece. The second one is new and very random. I only started it because I had some extra wet paint and I didn’t want to it to go to waste while the other painting was drying. So there ya go, two paintings started and nowhere near done.

I am having a love hate relationship with my blog right now. Trying so hard to get things into focus. I wrote more about my troubles in the new page. I have so much to say and no way to say it…

Twilight Zone family and a hippie

March 22, 2011 § 1 Comment




finished piece from last post

Ok, this is going to be quick. I have been working on my header and my layout because this one isn’t cutting’ it. I want it to be simple so the text doesn’t take away from the pics of my artwork. This is going to be a great blog, you watch and see. I received my first comment from a complete stranger! Fortunately Linda is a sweetheart and writes a great art blog! Please check out her site, she really made my day.

I have had these tiny canvases since 2005. Maybe before that. They used to sit on my art trunk, stacked the way I like all things art related. I had the extreme urge to paint the other night and pulled the little guys out. It was quick, and very spur of the moment but came out better than I expected. This seems like a recurring theme in my artful life. It reminds me a family from the twilight zone. Very cool if I do say so myself. The color scheme is one I will use again, I’m sure.

And I finished the little psychedelic hippie dude/dudette. I am unsure what sex it is but it is fabulous either way. I really like that watercolor. Unlike anything I usually do. I also did ALOT of sketches of monsters that I will post after I get my layout situated. And I am still working on the photo shoot……


March 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

the sketch

watercolor study

almost done. way too blue.

my sister would love this one. Sponge BOBS.

AHHH!!! I am so excited! I have been pulling my curls out about this damn blog! I finally figured out EXACTLY what I need to do to get my photos right! I chose to use Photobucket and my iPhone because I have so many more options than my digital camera, Flickr, or my HP Studio. I am so proud of me.

Okay, so above are some tiny things I did yesterday. The three on top are the step-by-steps of a watercolor painting. It isn’t quite finished yet, I need to push the values and color the flowers in. It’s so whimsical and unlike anything I ever do, so I had to post it. And the bottom one is Sponge Bobs. HA! I was working on another rock city, like always, and out pops eyes and noses! It’s pretty goofy looking and it’s the perfect pic for this post. I think I am finally having a good time with this. I’m off to do my link page. I am serious about this guys. If you read this, and you want to be linked you have to email me at or leave a comment. Happy Saturday.

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