Sketchbook pages, and a new gangsta video!

July 18, 2011 § 6 Comments


20110718-071805.jpgI really like this spread. I am going to turn this into a painting I think. Two or in a series.

20110718-071811.jpgThis is the result of the second time lapse video I made, it needs the other side to be complete…

This blogging thing is starting to consume my brain. I sleep, drink Kool-Aid and Blue Moons, make artwork, and continuously think about this blog. I have become a sea of ideas, waves crashing over each other, the ebb and flow of creation…I have spent the last couple of days watching nothing but art videos on vimeo and have been so inspired. Two leading ladies have really opened my eyes to making art videos. The joyful Jenny from Starting Over Studio and the amazing Amanda from Ahhh-Design. Jenny has a couple of examples of “vlogs” and I watched them, feeling a sense of comfort and friendship with her that I have never felt. Seeing her face, listening to her voice, really made me connect with her blog posts more than I ever had before. I wanted to give that to my readers, send them the most personal message I can. Amanda is new to my daily blog visits, and I am so thankful for it. I spent all day Sunday reading almost every single one of her posts, all the way back into the winter months. She is one of the best collage artists I have ever came across, and her videos on vimeo are top-notch. I just knew that this is something I wanted, needed to do.

I decided to sit down yesterday and put all the inspiration onto paper. I used some techniques that I saw Amanda use, tried to think along lines of Jenny, and put out some pretty neat stuff. I want to show you all the collages but I have to upload the video first. I will give you the second video because it is shorter and a lot of fun to watch. I will say that making art videos in general is a challenge for me. I am naturally a shy person, at least when it comes to presenting ideas and art. It’s crazy, because I am an artist and I am outgoing…but when it comes to putting my work on the internet and being front and center is a big step. I figured this is a good way to gradually get into all that tutorial stuff that I have been meaning to do, starting with my hands moving a mile a minute!

I hope you enjoy the vimeo videos, and I hope that you will give me some feedback. Be easy though, because I was up late, tossing and turning over this blog post. I put some crazy gangsta music on it, and faded it out like all the cool kids are doing! LOL…and remember, bravery is a big part of blogging. If you learn one thing from me, please let it be the art of bravery.


Black moon rising

July 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

20110703-041255.jpganother dreamcatcher, less optimistic in design

20110703-041301.jpgrock cities are never-ending

20110703-041307.jpgtriangles and mountains and volcanoes erupting

20110703-041313.jpganti and some brain matter

20110703-041319.jpgthis was colorful, maybe a neat painting?

20110703-041329.jpgall my ideas and sketches and moods can be summed up by this page. The blackout poetry reads: “dark and anonymous people have spiritual memories and transient moments”

Forgive me art world, for I have sinned. I have a confession to make…
I have always worked diligently and enthusiastically when it comes to art. I am mostly self taught, except for what I learned in high school and a bit a art college. I try to find new art, new artists, and new ideas and techniques every, single, day. The problem comes when I can’t execute them correctly, or in an appealing manner. If you are an artist or not you know that life’s worry and stress can sometimes get in the way. When I get to this point I seem fold in my feathers, tuck in my wings, and waddle backwards!

I confess that sometimes I create artwork just to create. Granted, pulling out all my art supplies and doodling is somewhat “brainstorming” but is that really a way to create? I have this bad habit of drawing the same thing over 30 different ways, or just spilling paint into my sketchbook with no direction. I paint this way and it’s usually always successful. But when it comes to sketchbooks, it’s a whole different story.

The point is I have been tossing and turning lately. I haven’t been sleeping well, and even had some strange dreams. I’m not really stressed, just working on a lot of stuff. I have to make stencils, do some silkscreening, finish some large scale drawings, and work on my blog. Plus, deal with crazy, New York! Ahh, the pressure. I feel like there really is a black moon rising, and the eclipse might bring some awesome artwork. Are these pages a sign of what’s to come? Ominous and foreboding, or a sneak peek to some dark art done in my edgy style?

Old art journal pages

April 29, 2011 § 3 Comments












I have a had a pretty great day without creating any artwork. I did want to post something though, the blog was lacking in wonderful colors. I just got done talking to a really great friend who said she was inspired by my work. Making artwork is something that comes easy to me, so if it’s inspirational to just one person then I am all about it. The pictures above are all art journal pages from years ago. The first one of the fairies, is actually from 2005! It was one of the very first pages I completed in art college before I decided that college wasn’t for me. I used to use a lot of color and almost always overworked everything. I have always been into the whole collage, textures, mixed media, and text thing though, so it’s no surprise that you see those things bleeding to the edges of every page.I don’t keep an “art journal” anymore but I am thinking about starting one! A sketchbook is always necessary though, so anything goes inside of it. The pages I do nowadays are very limited in color, but use lots of elements to show a dynamic composition. I like to use thread, something I have been pretty into lately. I also glue a lot strange textured papers and fabrics to my pages. It makes things hell of a lot more interesting to look at.

I finished packing and moving today! YAY! So glad I can relax and not think about where miscellaneous things go and whether I marked all the boxes the correct way. I am also glad it’s the weekend. I think I will go out tomorrow and take some pictures of all the crazy tourists on the boardwalk.

Old Rock Cities

April 19, 2011 § 3 Comments









Well, if you didn’t know, I love to draw, paint, collage, print, eat, sleep, breathe, ROCK CITIES! I have been drawing these strange assortments of rectangles, oval, stone-like stratus things since I was about 16. It was a big thing in high school and even when I went to art college. I used to (and still do on occasion) have dreams about these things. I would dream that I was standing in front of a mammoth-size rock formation and I could see the crevices and cracks in all the stones. I would see them in night, in the desert, underwater…Every single one I ever had a dream about was in black and white. After a while, I started to color them in, paint them, give them faces…

The rock cities above are classic in my book. Classic style and feeling and craftsmanship. I have so many I posted some really, really old ones from sketchbooks. Remember I found all those old ones a week ago? Some of them were dated 4 or 5 years ago…crazy! Well, tell me what you think about them and I am going to post the new ones tomorrow. I still make rock cities, but they are definitely not what they used to be. I guess this would explain my obession with horizontal and vertical stacks of anything, rocks and stones in general, and texture. Everything happens for a reason…what do you think they mean?

Seahorse parade

April 15, 2011 § 2 Comments


20110414-075431.jpglittle guys in a row



I started this weird little doodle days ago…swirls and things. I was drawing while watching Human Planet on Discovery and didn’t really have a goal. Then last night I decided to wrap up some loose ends because I am trying to build a website and work on my portfolio. I finally decided (after help from my mister) to put all the little guys in a row. As you can see, it made a wonderful little Seahorse Parade.

I did it with watercolor, ink and a bit of Prismacolor marker. It was finally glued on contruction paper. It’s rather small for my liking but the overall effect is appealing. I have the worst habit of throwing things away. I am really glad I didn’t throw those little guys away, because now I have a final piece worth keeping and showing!

I also would like to say I am painting a mushroom. Oh yeah…

The old sketchbooks

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

20110413-125318.jpgcollage from summer of 2009!

20110413-125358.jpgdetail of the collage above. Gotta love Bill.

20110413-125453.jpganother collage from my 2009 sketchbook

I went to my parents house in the country last night and had a revelation.

I found all my old sketchbooks, neatly packed in an orange milk crate outside in the chicken house. I brought them in the house and flipped through every single page of them, losing myself in memories and excitement. My mister and my sister were there watching me go crazy the deeper I got into the old, wrinkled and faded pages. I had forgotten I drew most of the things in them but felt a great connection to them. It’s so good to have sketchbooks full of collages and ideas for paintings from nearly 7 years ago!

I was thinking about doing a page strictly dedicated to old sketches and realized there is too much I want to show. I have decided to post them by books and year which might take a while. I am so inspired and excited.

Looking through the books last night made me realize how much I have grown as an artist. I still draw with the same passion, just better. I have no regrets and I hope the creativity in me never burns out. Of course, I will keep collecting my books to prove it.

Collage of spring and Sophie

April 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

detail of collage

20110410-033058.jpgplacing the elements

20110410-033113.jpgadding color splashes

20110410-035339.jpg finished piece

Miss Sophie has been a big fan of my work and my tumblr since I started it a couple f weeks ago. I absolutely love her blog and get tons if inspiration from her posts. Through some art talk we decided it would be cool to actually do a collage about her. The above photos are the result. I had started out with something a little less “edgy” in mind, but in the end, liked the piece. I like the color scheme and the fact that she has Mickey ears on. What do you think? Leave me a comment and be honest!

The piece is pretty small and a square, which I rarely work on. It’s also scrapbooking paper so the watercolor had a very distressed and muted look about it. It felt good to complete a project! I think I am down to five now… Ha! The pencil piece is next, hope that turns out. I am going to do more collages dedicated to Miss Sophie. She’s such a darling and I need fans like her in my life.

Happy Sunday guys!

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