Down to earth country girl with big city dreams. 24. Pisces. This is a blog about a real artist doing real work.

Lots of sketching, beer drinking, and speaking my peace.

I grew up with the woods on all sides of me. I live by the ocean and I have an afro. I like drawing noses, eyes, and monsters. I love books. Sketchbooks, studio space, and art supplies. I love old, dusty, moth-eaten books. I love binding them…anything to do with paper inside two covers is a must-have. I love graffiti in every aspect of it, except the hype. My favorite media to work with are watercolor, graphite, and ink. I love paint pens too. Collage is very dear to my heart. Dirty, layered, textured work is what I’m best at. I am essentially a mixed-media artist, but who wants to be in a box? I refuse to succumb to the contemporary art world’s criteria of a great artist. And if you agree with those kinds of people, well, you can go to hell too.

If you would like to know more about me and the blog that I write, read the goals page.


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