July 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

badjonesrising has moved. follow blog there…so long wordpress!

I actually have some really sad news though. I hate wordpress. I made the decision to move and while I have been working on a layout, new links, and photos for new posts I haven’t been updating. I apologize for no updates. I was moving each post last night, and started to realize that my wordpress archive was half empty! I was able to move all the posts, but not all the photos. There are 16 posts are missing! Thanks wordpress, and just to think I was defending this blogging platform all this time…I will keep the remaining archive up, but the majority is now at badjonesrising, the blog

Anyway, I made the move and it is such a great feeling. If you follow me here please follow me on tumblr. If you don’t have a tumblr account that is ok! You can bookmark my sight and you can still comment via disqus. If you don’t have one of them, comment as a guest!

Thank you for everything, loyalty, comments, and inspiration. Please be a part of my art life via tumblr!



  • Erin Keane says:

    Gotcha bookmarked and will keep visiting! Erin

  • I visited the new tumblr blog today, and even left a message! However, I’m not sure if it went thru, as when I went back later I didn’t see it posted. You know how I am with learning new technology…you’ll have to let me know if you got it!:-)

  • Sorry…it’s me again! I went back to the tumblr site again, and discovered that instead of leaving a “comment,” I left you a “note”! Sorry about you can see it’ll be awhile before I’ll get the lay of the land at the new site!:-) Duh!

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