Sketchbook pages, and a new gangsta video!

July 18, 2011 § 6 Comments


20110718-071805.jpgI really like this spread. I am going to turn this into a painting I think. Two or in a series.

20110718-071811.jpgThis is the result of the second time lapse video I made, it needs the other side to be complete…

This blogging thing is starting to consume my brain. I sleep, drink Kool-Aid and Blue Moons, make artwork, and continuously think about this blog. I have become a sea of ideas, waves crashing over each other, the ebb and flow of creation…I have spent the last couple of days watching nothing but art videos on vimeo and have been so inspired. Two leading ladies have really opened my eyes to making art videos. The joyful Jenny from Starting Over Studio and the amazing Amanda from Ahhh-Design. Jenny has a couple of examples of “vlogs” and I watched them, feeling a sense of comfort and friendship with her that I have never felt. Seeing her face, listening to her voice, really made me connect with her blog posts more than I ever had before. I wanted to give that to my readers, send them the most personal message I can. Amanda is new to my daily blog visits, and I am so thankful for it. I spent all day Sunday reading almost every single one of her posts, all the way back into the winter months. She is one of the best collage artists I have ever came across, and her videos on vimeo are top-notch. I just knew that this is something I wanted, needed to do.

I decided to sit down yesterday and put all the inspiration onto paper. I used some techniques that I saw Amanda use, tried to think along lines of Jenny, and put out some pretty neat stuff. I want to show you all the collages but I have to upload the video first. I will give you the second video because it is shorter and a lot of fun to watch. I will say that making art videos in general is a challenge for me. I am naturally a shy person, at least when it comes to presenting ideas and art. It’s crazy, because I am an artist and I am outgoing…but when it comes to putting my work on the internet and being front and center is a big step. I figured this is a good way to gradually get into all that tutorial stuff that I have been meaning to do, starting with my hands moving a mile a minute!

I hope you enjoy the vimeo videos, and I hope that you will give me some feedback. Be easy though, because I was up late, tossing and turning over this blog post. I put some crazy gangsta music on it, and faded it out like all the cool kids are doing! LOL…and remember, bravery is a big part of blogging. If you learn one thing from me, please let it be the art of bravery.


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§ 6 Responses to Sketchbook pages, and a new gangsta video!

  • lesliepaints says:

    Awesome video, Ronny! With your interest in your sketch books, have you ever thought of making your own handmade book? The fact that you collage and use mixed media, plus fill these sketchbooks caused me to wonder about that.

    • Actually Leslie, I have made many handmade books! My major in school was printmaking/bookarts, and I just love papermaking, binding, etc. Now that I have almost finished me sketchbook I might make my next one!

  • Ana Benaroya says:

    loved seeing your process in your sketchbook…really interesting! i gotta learn how to make one of those videos

  • Erin Keane says:

    I enjoyed your video and think you should definitely make more, if it calls to you. I did have a slight problem viewing it–though I have DSL, I live in a small town with not the best internet service–so the video bleeped in and out constantly and I couldn’t view it in one smooth take. Not sure if others would have the same problem… I thought I would give you that feedback in case it came in handy. But the video itself was fun and inspiring. Editting aside, how long the journal page take to make?

    • You know what? It’s vimeo! I actually have some problems too but I just take the HD off! View it without the HD and make sure you let the video completely load before you watch it! I’m glad you liked it though. It took me about 10 minutes. The larger 2 page spreads van take anywhere from 20 minutes to a good hour.

      • Erin Keane says:

        That did help, thanks! I’m not super techie, but taking the HD off made the vimeo flow smoothly. Very cool to see you actually working.

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