Bad Jones Rising moving?

July 15, 2011 § 9 Comments

I was reading my stats and info on my wordpress dashboard earlier, and this is my 59th post. It has only been about 5 months since I started this blog, and it seems like I have been doing it forever. I take so much pride in my posts, my followers, my feedback. Recently, I have been struggling with where to go from here. If you are interested and haven’t read my Goals page, please check it out. To sum things up, I would really like to use my blog to meet other artists, art lovers, interact with them, and ultimately create a teaching/learning community. It would be a perk to sell some of my artwork and maybe open an online shop, but that is a longtime goal. I love wordpress, but it has a lot of limitations. I have been running two blogs since the spring, for two very different reasons. My tumblr, is used for quick updates on my sketchbook, the art I like, beer notes, and personal inspiration. I get triple the views on tumblr, and an enormous amount of feedback. The difference between the two blogs is frustrating and I have been thinking about moving Bad Jones Rising to the tumblr platform.

If you don’t know much about tumblr, definitely check it out. It seems trendy and hip at first glance, but all for good reason. The tumblr platform is literally the most customizable and easy-to-use blogging site I have ever used. Oh, and it’s completely free. I made a quick list about the pros and cons, hoping and praying for some insight.

  1. Tumblr lets me choose from thousands of layouts, or completely customize an original one. It is the easiest and most interesting/fun process. I have been working on a layout that is completely original, and I have been itching to use it.
  2. Tumblr has an amazing dashboard that is easy to navigate, and the phone app is great too. I use my phone to upload photos most of the time and wordpress always gives me the most problems. Tumble also allows video, music, and multiple photo uploading!
  3. I already have a lot of followers, curious about my art. I would hope that they would continue to read and comment about my artwork and share (reblog) my posts.
  4. I honestly think I would update more. Right now I am updating wordpress every 3 or 4 days. I update my tumblr every single day, sometimes more than once. I want all of my wordpress readers to be a part of that.
  5. Tumblr is getting bigger every single day, and adding new features. This only means good things for badjonesrising.

Like I said, I haven’t made any decisions yet…just thinking about it constantly. Right now I blog on tumblr part-time…thinking about being over there full-time. Tell me what you think, I can’t wait to here from you guys.


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§ 9 Responses to Bad Jones Rising moving?

  • weja says:

    you know how i feel about this! (:

    i went the route of tumblr like so many other bloggers/artists/EVENMUSICIANS are going these days because you can access others so easily AND ALSO you can basically disguise it as a regular site/blog and have the best of both worlds RIGHT THERE. FOR FREE V: imean i still haven’t completely tweaked my site in the ways i want to, and i will probably have a regular artsite in the future if only for portfolio purposes but yeahman. tumblr is dominating all.

    their only downside i would say is that tumblr goes down way to often for being such a huge site with so many people using/dependent on it V:

    • I know! You and Peirce told me to do it from the beginning. And the number one reason why was because I wanted to weed out all the problems and stuff. I think tumblr is working on the bugs tho.

  • lesliepaints says:

    Whatever is best for you and convenient, Ronny.

  • Chongolio says:

    From what I read each have their pros and cons. Personally, I think Tumblr is cool pretty unreliable, and as brought up before, the search feature is way lackluster even when tags are used. But since I am new to WordPress I can’t really compare the two. I like Tumblr but I still think it needs some work if it wants to go up against the bigger blogger kids

  • Zeinab-Art says:

    please DO it foreVer!

  • I don’t know a thing about Tumblr, but it really sounds good. WordPress is starting to charge for everything. Can’t sell anything on it. Have to pay to put videos on, etc. I got sick of it and moved back to blogger, which has greatly improved. I’m selling art on FollioTwist better than I have anywhere.
    So, that’s what I know. Go with what feels right. I read you goals. You need to try teaching. It’s pulling it to you. Go with it.
    I think all artists crave the connection to other artists, and always have. It’s the one thing missing in my life. The strong neeeeeed to be around creative people. No one gets what you’re doing except some one that is doing the same thing. Not talking about it, doing it. Big difference.
    You’re ready for the change, do it. You’ll be happier. 🙂

  • Wherever you go, I’ll be right behind! Let me know if/when you make the change!:-)

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