Under the Influence @ powerHouse Books

July 12, 2011 § 5 Comments

larger than life graffiti, on the wall inside

an amazing larger than life wall piece. sculpture like this make me want a warehouse studio

detail of sculpture

the far corner of the art gallery upstairs, the variety in the show was unbelievable

more artwork, notice all the graffiti?

i really liked the one in the top left, reminded me of my characters

i saw this one and instantly thought of jackson pollock listening to hip hop

this was a favorite, graffiti done on six mini toy trains. great idea, great execution.

All those photos are so crazy right?! I went to the Under the Influence opening reception last night at powerHouse Books. If you remember I was just there for Julia Rothman’s Drawn In book opening. I wrote a post about it a bit ago. The event last night was a book signing and exhibtion for Jamal Shabazz. He is a photographer whose work chronicled some of the best years of hip hop and graffiti. It was one event of many in the Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

The store was empty at first. The music was loud though, and eventually people swarmed in, hungry for art, music, and beer. The event was sponsored by Brookyln Brewery, but the beer wasn’t free. I am starting to realize the word “sponsor” isn’t what it used to be. I left early, but not without some great pics. I was really into everything on the walls. I can relate to stuff like this, it being mixed media and all. I saw artwork done in collage, typography, acrylic, oil, spray paint, etching, (even collagraph!), airbrush, emulsion, and shellac! I like all of it so much, and the bookstore did a nice job curating it. It really inspired me to get back into my graffiti days and add some text to my work. It was a unique way to get all my urges out onto canvas, I think I might start up again. Dumbo always does a good job of pushing your artistic and musical talents. Everytime I go there, I leave with new knowledge to make me a better artist.

I was talking to a friend last night about traveling and the effect it has on artwork. I know from experience that going on vacation, visiting new places, even sketching in a new place, can really change your artwork. If I can’t leave the state I am in, I find a new park bench or a tiny coffee shop to draw in. She told me I was brave for being this way and pushing my limits with creating. I was flattered at first, who doesn’t want to be brave? Honestly, I don’t feel like it’s an act of bravery. I look at it more of a challenge for myself, and an honor to let myself be inspired. You have to be open minded these days. There are so many things in the world that can bring you down, make you worried and stressed. When I feel like I can’t be comfortable or creative anymore, I change what I am doing. I don’t want to get sucked into a lifestyle that I don’t believe in, especially if it will hinder my creativity.


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§ 5 Responses to Under the Influence @ powerHouse Books

  • Ana says:

    very cool photos…wish i was there! i’m following your blog now, so be prepared for some comments 🙂 i

  • I love the art. I so enjoy your blog. It’s like I’m going with you to see all these great things. Living in the country in Texas is a tad limiting. LOL I have to share this with my friend Vicki. Her son did graffeti, so it’ll bring back good memories. You’re so right. Getting out, seeing new things, art, whatever… can inspire you, make you do better art. Can’t wait for your next gallery/bookstore outting. Where do you show your work?

  • Chongolio says:

    Awesome work and cool photos! Thanks for sharing. A large studio too run an artistic muck in would be to much fun!

  • lesliepaints says:

    I like that last paragraph, Ronny. Creating is more about the challenge for me as I will always create art. Good statement. I feel the same about growing and there is always something to paint or create.

  • Hi Roni! I love these pics…I am so wishing I could visit you in NYC so that I could experience some of these places first-hand! Here in the Dairy State, where Starbucks and townie bars reign supreme, we just don’t have many spots where you can hang out, absorb culture, and see great art.

    I totally agree with your philosophy about living a creative life. I’ve been struggling for awhile now, trying to figure out my niche in terms of my career. Some of the choices I’ve made in the past have definitely led me to feel uncomfortable, unchallenged, and bored. I know I need to choose more wisely, and consider my need to create in whatever I wind up doing.

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