Finally, a gallery, or something like it…

July 4, 2011 § 3 Comments



“Where the hell is Roni’s portfolio page?” I know you’ve probably looked at the page list there to the left, and asked yourself that question at least once. Well, guess what? It’s there now! Original Work was added tonight after a lot of stressful and unsuccessful attempts. I haven’t made all the albums completely public, but you can view four of them, with the provided Picasa link. I still have to include photography and sketchbook, but of course you can view sketchbook updates here on the blog! Click here to view paintings, drawings, collages, and art journal pages. I disabled comments on all pages so if you want to leave some love or questions, just comment here. Thanks and enjoy! [and Happy 4th!]

Credit should be given to Apollo Kids Live for helpful hints and Megan Seagren for the Picasa portfolio idea.


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§ 3 Responses to Finally, a gallery, or something like it…

  • lesliepaints says:

    Good job on Original Work additions, Ronny. Love it and easy to use! The collages are so interesting! Thank you for creating that page for our viewing fun!

  • Yay, Ronny!!! I love your new “original work” collections! Today I spent some time perusing the art journal and collage sections…so full of color, pop art, and fun imagery! Picasa provides such a streamlined, organized platform for displaying the art…so easy to access and interact with! I showed Connor your collage with Pikachu and other Pokemon characters…his room is full of Pokemon stuffed animals, trading cards, and video games, and he thought the collage totally rocked! Your other collages are also captivating…I think it’s so fun to try to figure out what some of the unexpected images symbolize, and the message you’re trying to give through them!

    I plan to check out the other galleries soon!

    Also, thanks so much for your inspiring and empowering comments related to my first publishing venture! They made my month!:-)

  • Roni, don’t know what’s wrong, but I keep getting a Google error message telling me the pages aren’t available. I’m clueless…. Is anyone else having a similar problem? ….PJ

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