Dreamcatchers, jellyfish, and worry washers

June 25, 2011 § 7 Comments





Why do I love watercolor so much? Why are watercolor pencils, pen, and ink the best media in the world? The answer is above. You can do almost anything and everything with water soluble media. I bought some watercolor paper so I could make some cards for some friends, but I needed a break. I got the idea from a sketch in my book, and figured to run with a series. I had a great time doing this because it’s as close as I can get to actual “painting” with having canvas, foamcore, wood, acrylic, oils, turpentine, etc. If you want to know my painting style, this is it. Until I post my old paintings on the blog, this is the best idea of the way I work. It should speak for itself, I hope.

The first photo is of the first piece I completed. The colors are odd, and were kind of a mistake. I reworked it yesterday and came out with a neat piece. I cut it up and overlapped some places. The second one was a brave decision. I wanted it brighter and bolder. This was my favorite until I started the last piece. I think this one has less of a jellyfish vibe, and more of a dreamcatcher effect. I cut out pieces of this too, to break up color.

Each one is about 4 x 7, and I think they look nice in a row but I might do some more, to create a textile/quilt thingamajig. I don’t know…I was practicing my old techniques from my younger days. It relieved some worries on my mind and it always feels good to get some work done. I think this may be the best art I’ve done since I’ve been NY. Whaddya think?


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§ 7 Responses to Dreamcatchers, jellyfish, and worry washers

  • Chongolio says:

    Pure awesome! I have not one bit of criticism for you except you don’t post enough of your art.

  • I love the second one because of the edge/border/thingy. The 3 dashes different directions…. love that! You’ve got me wanting to play with watercolors..crayons and the pencils…
    But first I have to do art quilts… cause I sold another one today. See me doing the happy dance? LOL

  • lesliepaints says:

    These are totally captivating, Ronny. Love the abstract quality to them and they do remind me of jellyfish and/or dream catchers. I also see a suggestion of a fish forming in the circles of the first piece. maybe a fisherman’s dream forming. Perhaps it is that the black shapes you designed in that one look like scales to me.

  • WOW! These are remarkable. I love them. They are complex and captivating and suck me right in. I just keep looking and finding interesting shapes and design.

  • Oh, Ronny…these are exquisite! I think my fave is definitely the second one, featuring the dreamcatchers and the texture created by the splatters of paint and shading!

    Many years ago, we had a guinea pig named Pepper who was subject to strange, dark moods. My sister’s high school boyfriend once created a small dreamcatcher to hang in Pepper’s cage…it hung there for a few years, protecting him from nightmares. I don’t know if it improved his mood at all, but it was always a great conversation piece when visitors to our house encountered Pepper!

    Just a funny story…just so you know, g-pigs have always held a prominent place in our family. These days, I have 2 females named Lucille and Kirby, and my sister has a male named Bandit!

  • Erin Keane says:

    These are gorgeous. I love the abstract yet organic quality of all of them. The 2nd one is my favorite–it has a push and pull of color, an otherworld vibrancy, and the cut-and-paste gives it an edgy vibe and a surprise composition. Although the 1st one comes close for me, in the way that the figures (I know they’re not figures, but they have a personality) link together and create a rhythm.

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