Two-page spreads

June 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

Click Here! for a peek into my current sketchbook!
20110619-063704.jpgmore white lines and red shapes

20110619-063710.jpgRFC cut-out

20110619-063716.jpgI was in a bad mood, needed a beer

20110619-063722.jpgsame image, in black and white and a rock city

20110619-063728.jpgcairns, and some sunshine

20110619-063736.jpgI hate Amtrak stations

20110619-063742.jpganother rock city

I haven’t updated in a few, because I have been drawing! Filling the sketchbook up, page by page is keeping me busy. New York has been crazy hot and full of summer storms. I haven’t really had the chance to go exploring, so I just sketch. These are some recent pages, that include 2 pages as one image. Like in “art journals”, but with less text. I bought some watercolor paper and I am going to the art store soon, so beware for some final pieces really soon.

I never posted a video before, but I uploaded one on tumblr. If you are interested in my sketchbook as a whole, click that first link!


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§ 4 Responses to Two-page spreads

  • neen says:

    I love them all. And I think I love them all equally for different reasons of course.

  • Hi Roni! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments about the memory book pages from my first camping trip with my husband in 2006! Your compliments really made my weekend, and made me feel less lonely, too! Sometime we will definitely need to set up a time to chat! I’m on FB as Jenny Petricek, so if you are also on there, “friend” me for sure!:-)

    I am totally amazed by these pages in your sketchbook…I particularly like the white lines/red shapes design on the top, and the one in which you vent about the Amtrak station! I feel the same profound frustration when I’m stuck in rush-hour-and-road-construction-traffic in Milwaukee! The fanged blue monster on the left side of the page is probably what I look like when I’m behind the wheel at times like that!:-)

  • Oh…and I also wanted to let you know I watched your video on tumblr! I loved the chance to take a sneak peek at these pages, almost as though you were here in the room with me! Would love to see more vids!

  • pjhornberger says:

    I’m lovin’ those spreads… especially the red… you nailed that. It is so WOW!! The rock city, gotta think about that… I had it in my mind those were boundaries… maybe cause I so need to work on ’em. LOL Great spreads, keep ’em coming. Can’t wait to see what you do with the watercolor paper.
    Hot, excuse me. Here we’re doing over 100 most days. Of course so far we’ve been lucky with a constant breeze. If it would rain… I’d do amazing things….

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