White lines, black shapes

June 14, 2011 § 5 Comments




First, I would like to say that my last blog post received more views than any other! I am proud and happy that so many people read it. I even received new followers! Thanks everyone.
I received a few emails asking for more sketchbook pages, and was a bit hesitant. I didn’t really want to post every, single page, but if it keeps you motivated and you start to give me some feedback, I will. I am a bit concerned about the lack of constructive criticism from the readers, that I know exist. I really want this blog to help fellow artist and non-artist folk alike. Of course, I can’t know what you are thinking unless you leave me a comment!

So, here are the next couple of pages in my new book. I used the same pen & ink technique in this post. It took me forever, obviously. I really like doing stuff like this because it really relieves my stress. It is time consuming, but eases the mind of worry. I usually start with a curvy line and build it up in layers. I try very hard to make the black and white as even as possible, all while keeping contrast. I know it seems like a crazy feat but art is all about risk taking, isn’t it?

I also wanted to give you guys the rest of my favorite vendors from the Renegade Craft Fair. I stopped at every tent, but only a few more deserved a link.

  • myzoetrope.com-The ladies at this booth were the sweetest. All original watercolors, lots of fun.
  • bettula.com-Three words: tree bark earrings
  • carrier pigeon-I am definitely going to tell everyone I know about this. I am also seeing myself spending a lot of money with these guys. Amazing, dark art, neatly bound in a paperback book. They take submissions if anyone is up for some risk-taking.
  • the bocker store-Hands down the best ceramic/pottery at the fair. Probably the neatest I have seen in a while. She paints all the found/thrifted objects by hand.
  • heart pump arts-If this guy has a blog, I am following it. Great artwork, such a unique style.
  • early jewelry-Geode rock formations made into necklaces. If you are into that kind of thing.
  • john murphy-Had a laugh with this guy about how refreshing it was to see home decor. We talked about how if it isn’t a yellow blanket covered in squids or whales or triangles, the hipsters don’t want it. Shame, because there was some great work at this guys booth.

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    § 5 Responses to White lines, black shapes

    • Chongolio says:

      Very cool to see more of your work! You have great lines and movement plus skeletons and monsters!

    • lesliepaints says:

      I think this is pretty cool how you were able to get the black so solid looking without streaks in it. I, personally don’t mind streaks but this gives it a starkness that I think may emphasize your subject matter. Cool sketchbook pages, Ronny. Oh. I also like all the variation in shapes you used!

    • I love those skulls… just love the whole piece. Everything pops.

    • Oh yeah, I’m a liking this!

    • Erin Keane says:

      You have some really nice work, I’ve only had time to quickly browse this time around (how can I become a follower? I can’t figure out this site) but I love the variety of mediums / subjects / techniques and the edge you bring to it all. I look forward to delving more into your past posts and future ones…

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