Coney Island

June 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

20110606-035136.jpgFamous Nathan’s on Stillwell Ave.

20110606-080713.jpgOs Gemeos Coney Island mural

20110606-080745.jpganother piece of 60 ft mural

20110606-080836.jpgthe colors are so crazy!

I’ve been here in New York, for almost a week now and it still feels like the first day. I am trying to think that this new, dazzling feeling won’t die out, but only time will tell.

Yesterday the mister took me down to the famous Coney Island park and I got to see all the crazy New Yorkers. It’s called Luna Park now, and it’s mostly overpriced pizza joints and obnoxious teenagers. I did get to take a quick pic of Nathan’s and one of the coolest murals I have ever seen.

I remember seeing the mural the very first time I stepped foot here, 2 years ago. I have never taken a picture of it until yesterday. The famous Os Gemeos Coney Island mural is 60 feet long and includes some really crazy colors. Those crazy brothers are some of the best names in graffiti and street art. If you didn’t know, I have a hard time giving “famous” artists a lot of credit. I just can’t deny how great Brazilian street art is, with all it’s unique color combinations and whimsical style. The Portuguese “twins” really won me over when I finally got to see this mural in real life.

A tiny note: if you read the last post you know I bought a new sketchbook. Guess what? I am already 3 pages in! Goodness gracious! I’ll post the new sketchbook pages later…


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§ 3 Responses to Coney Island

  • lesliepaints says:

    Thanks forall the great pics and notes about New York. I find this very exciting and I am not the one who gets to experience this firsthand. Can’t wait to see what you are doing in that sketchbook of yours. I’m jealous! I have to order from Dick Blick. Two stories tall art store???????? heaven!

  • I don’t live near a Dick Blick store, either…but the several-hundred page catalog is a staple on my bookshelf! Whenever I feel a need to be inspired by mountains of supplies, I open my catalog and fantasize about all of the cool stuff I could order!:-)

    I’ve often wondered about what it’s like at Coney Island…it’s really an iconic place in American culture, as are so many places in NYC. I someday wish to explore it for myself…but in the meantime, I am so glad you are sharing these pics w/us, Roni!

  • Uh oh, something seems to have gone wrong when I pressed the publish key…the first time I pressed it, an error message said I’d already published the comment, though I didn’t see it on the screen. I went back, retyped it again, and again pressed publish– and what do you know, both of them then inexplicably showed up on the screen! How weird! Sorry…you can take off whichever one you like the least!:-)

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