Tiger lilies, lil too much orange

June 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

20110531-115339.jpgart table, sketch in progress

20110531-115448.jpgfinal piece, 8×11


20110531-115519.jpganother detail, wish it was paint

Ok, if you didn’t know by now I never paint stills, portraits, or flowers. I am more of a graffiti, monster, design kind of gal. Every now and then though, I buckle, and create something cool enough to show. My sister and I were talking the other day about favorite flowers. My favorite flower hands down, is a sunflower. Second place, Cala Lilies. She seems to like lilies too, just of the tiger sort! Well, I was sitting at the table watching my mister work diligently, and felt inspired by all the work. I used my colored pencils and started to sketch some flowers. You never know what will happen when you step outside that box…I finished it, not very happy with the colors but overall, satisfied. My sister loved them but I think my pencil work is a bit rusty. I wish I had some spare canvas and some time because I would do them over in oil or acrylic. I just wish it didn’t come out so damn orange.


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§ One Response to Tiger lilies, lil too much orange

  • lesliepaints says:

    There is something of the style you use to create your faces encapsulated in these flowers, Ronny. I rather like them and how you overlapped and gave them a bulkiness. They sort of say to me that they are proud to be flowers! Strong.

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