Country girl, city dreams

May 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

20110528-044750.jpgstrawberries, classic green basket.

20110528-044833.jpgLepidoptera, on the porch every night

20110528-045451.jpgCollette, silver medal winner last year. Craft beer is so amazing in the spring and summer.

20110528-045425.jpgEastern field and ditch in back of the house.

20110528-045519.jpgMy favorite picture from the spring so far…Eastern field, glorious afternoon

20110528-044949.jpgThe sky as the sun is going down in the southwestern field and forest.

Even though it is still the spring season, it has only felt like summer for the last week. Early in the week it ran up to 90 degrees, even at the shore! It’s time to sleep all day, watch movies, and hope for rain. Of course, when evening comes we have to hide from the bugs buzzing around the porch light. Then, after relaxing all day long, night brings adventure and mischief. Oh! What warm weather wonders!

All of these pictures were taken over the course of a couple of days, each with no intent on posting them. As I was looking through them earlier today, I thought they summed up my last days here in the I left the beach last weekend, and started to pack for New York. I am trying to enjoy the nature and all it has to offer before I am surrounded by the concrete, metal, and asphalt of the Big Apple. New York summers are treacherous yet trendy. Stay in the air conditioner all day and party all night. I plan on going down an amazing list of galleries I have gathered and drinking craft beers I have never had.

The amount of art I have been producing has been limited, because of moving and staying cool in the heat. I am actually working on a queue for my art blog on tumblr and a new page on my wordpress. I have two greeting cards in the works so I will post the progress on them shortly. I also found some really great photos of my old paintings and I will post them as soon as I get a chance. New York is always such a good time when I go. Living there though, will really change the way I look at life and art. I am so excited to see the art, graffiti, fashion, people, skyscrapers! Oh, I could just go on forever about what I want and what I am dreaming about! Oh, how my mind wanders and wonders….


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§ 3 Responses to Country girl, city dreams

  • I was so glad to check out these photos this afternoon…what beautiful country/nature vistas! I bet you will miss this when you relocate to NYC! I can’t wait to see your recent work, as well as to live vicariously through you as you take Manhattan! Would you believe I’ve never ever visited the Big Apple?

    And the beer…I hope someday we can sit down and have a few, in person!:-)

  • lesliepaints says:

    Lovely photos, Ronny. I will enjoy following your posts from your new home. Safe travels!

  • […] and painted it. I had originally posted the photo of the Eastern Field at my parents’ house here. It was nice to study the picture, and paint a spin on it. I really don’t paint like this, […]

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