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I have a had a pretty great day without creating any artwork. I did want to post something though, the blog was lacking in wonderful colors. I just got done talking to a really great friend who said she was inspired by my work. Making artwork is something that comes easy to me, so if it’s inspirational to just one person then I am all about it. The pictures above are all art journal pages from years ago. The first one of the fairies, is actually from 2005! It was one of the very first pages I completed in art college before I decided that college wasn’t for me. I used to use a lot of color and almost always overworked everything. I have always been into the whole collage, textures, mixed media, and text thing though, so it’s no surprise that you see those things bleeding to the edges of every page.I don’t keep an “art journal” anymore but I am thinking about starting one! A sketchbook is always necessary though, so anything goes inside of it. The pages I do nowadays are very limited in color, but use lots of elements to show a dynamic composition. I like to use thread, something I have been pretty into lately. I also glue a lot strange textured papers and fabrics to my pages. It makes things hell of a lot more interesting to look at.

I finished packing and moving today! YAY! So glad I can relax and not think about where miscellaneous things go and whether I marked all the boxes the correct way. I am also glad it’s the weekend. I think I will go out tomorrow and take some pictures of all the crazy tourists on the boardwalk.


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  • lesliepaints says:

    I have come here to appreciate your hard work, Bad Jones Rising. I am caught in the color of your above sketchbook pages and had to come back for another “look-see” today. I stopped and chuckled at the bird face and embraced the praise piece. I have read your goals and your about and even your list of books, some of which I consider life-changing, also. You have drawn me into your web of images. Good post.

  • Friend, I’m in complete awe of the pages you’ve posted here! I love the colors, the imagery, and especially the choices you made in including bits and pieces of text in many of the pages; my curiosity is piqued!

    The first page really speaks to me, because I can relate to the feeling of wanting to return to a period of time in the past in which life seemed simpler, easier, happier, etc. The feeling is a combination of melancholy, emptiness, and even homesickness…nostalgia for a past that, due to my various physical, emotional, and spiritual wanderings in the time since, is impossible to recapture in quite the same way.

    I’m also drawn to “Wonder,” as I know I devoted countless days, weeks, months, and years waiting to find true love, waiting not only to choose, but to be chosen. At times, it was a long, hard road…lonely. For some reason, in this page, I remember vividly how difficult it was to remain patient, to stay strong, to overcome obstacles. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful and personal pages with us!:-)

  • PS: LOVE the story of “jessie-o”! LOL! I think it’s contagious…I caught myself calling it “jessie-o” in my head this morning as I prepped a page!:-)

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