Easter Sunday photoshoot

April 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

20110424-064139.jpgI went walking this afternoon, in the 80 degree weather, and loved every minute of it. It was so beautiful outside, I was in such a great mood. I went to the boardwalk, postoffice, and to the pier. I took a bunch of crazy lomo pictures of great examples of Spring. I have never did a photo post so I figured today would be the perfect time for it! All the flowers are blooming, everyone was cutting grass, and I saw some bumblebees!

20110424-064202.jpgI found this neat little nook near the boardwalk. It was full of buzzing bees and it smelled like fresh flowers. I saw some birds eating a worm too, it was like something out of a movie or fairytale book.

20110424-064222.jpgI was walking to the post office and I overheard this little, old couple yelling about the grass cutter. The little old lady had Jackie O. glasses on and she was just a screaming about how the grass was still too high. The little husband, with gold rings on and a very new haircut seemed not to care at all. It was so cute to see them bickering and him smiling at her like she was the crazy, old bitty he’s always loved. Funny thing is, the grass really was too high. This sign was near the yard and all the plants have grown up like a jungle.

20110424-064241.jpgThe boardwalk was packed with tourists and business owners getting their stores in order for the season. There wasn’t a lot of people on the beach but it was good to see people out and about. I went to read but it was not a good day for reading. I think at least 4 people came up to me and asked me questions. I guess I looked like a local and apparently a tour guide! These kites were a highlight. There was a red dragon and a little whale. Whales flying in the air is always a plus.

20110424-064304.jpgI walked to the pier after I went to the post office because I wanted to see the water without everyone screaming and taking pictures of their toddlers throwing sand at the seagulls. Ha! So, I went to the bay where I only saw two old guys sun bathing in the front yard, by the docks. I hopped down to feel the water and it smelled like summer. It was pretty exciting to share this moment with just the seagulls.

20110424-064327.jpgThe neatest thing I saw today was this little collection on the boards of the pier. It looked so nice and neat. I imagine some old couple or some little kid bored out of his mind collected all these things and left them to dry. Maybe he was thinking a mermaid could use these treasures…

20110424-064417.jpgI took a picture of this neglected, blue glove. I found it on the fish table, drying in the sun. Someone had caught some fish because there was slime and scales. It was neat to see that someone wears such bright, aqua blue gloves and was so busy with their catch they forgot one!

20110424-064431.jpgHere is the bay. I only saw a couple of boats but the water was rough so that’s probably why. It was so quiet and pretty. It turned out to be a really great Easter Sunday. I wish my mister was home. Warm weather is always better spent with someone you love. Happy Easter again…and happy Sunday.


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