Blackout poetry

April 21, 2011 § 1 Comment




I haven’t really done any great artwork lately. This week hasn’t been very exciting and honestly, that’s okay. I don’t always have to do artwork to be an artist. I did want to post these blackout poems though. I did them the other night, while watching Animal Planet. I posted them on tumblr and got really great feedback. The first one was featured on tumble poetry homepage. It was a little crazy the way people reacted. The thing is, poetry isn’t really my thing so I tried to add some artistic things to it. Blackout poetry seems to really move people. I don’t really get the appeal, it seems so easy and so ordinary to be cool. But hey, every person has their thing…

I am rambling, a little lost in the art world. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday.


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  • I love this found poetry, especially the first one on top! I know EXACTLY how you feel…I think we all have days where “f*&! my life” is definitely playing over and over in our internal dialogue. Sometimes we need an outlet, a vent, for these self-defeating thoughts, and poetry definitely offers that opportunity!

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