Old Rock Cities

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Well, if you didn’t know, I love to draw, paint, collage, print, eat, sleep, breathe, ROCK CITIES! I have been drawing these strange assortments of rectangles, oval, stone-like stratus things since I was about 16. It was a big thing in high school and even when I went to art college. I used to (and still do on occasion) have dreams about these things. I would dream that I was standing in front of a mammoth-size rock formation and I could see the crevices and cracks in all the stones. I would see them in night, in the desert, underwater…Every single one I ever had a dream about was in black and white. After a while, I started to color them in, paint them, give them faces…

The rock cities above are classic in my book. Classic style and feeling and craftsmanship. I have so many I posted some really, really old ones from sketchbooks. Remember I found all those old ones a week ago? Some of them were dated 4 or 5 years ago…crazy! Well, tell me what you think about them and I am going to post the new ones tomorrow. I still make rock cities, but they are definitely not what they used to be. I guess this would explain my obession with horizontal and vertical stacks of anything, rocks and stones in general, and texture. Everything happens for a reason…what do you think they mean?


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§ 3 Responses to Old Rock Cities

  • weja says:

    you should paint rock cities all around your lightswitches and outlets #___#

  • Hey Ronny! It’s been awhile since I had time to post…thanks for checking in!:-) I’m greatly enjoying your rock formation drawings in this post, as well as the other pieces you’ve posted recently! It’s interesting that these rock formations, in many different environments and circumstances, appeared initially in your dreams…I wonder what a book about dream interpretation would say? Ironically, I also had a recurring subject that I enjoyed drawing, from a really young age…maybe even 3 or 4 years old. I would draw houses…sometimes just one or two, sometimes whole neighborhoods. During boring classes in high school and college, I drew houses, and even today, if I’m stuck at a dull meeting and I have a pen and paper, I draw houses. I wonder what that means? At any rate, I love these drawings! Be sure to keep posting more!

  • these are very cool to be work done several years back… i’m loving the black and white, but when the colors jump up… makes me so happy… i am a color person… but the starkness/shading of the b&w is just perfect… and that you dream about them makes it all that much more… i dunno…. 😉

    thanks for letting me know you posted these. sorry it took awhile to get here… the computer has been running a temp….

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