The old sketchbooks

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

20110413-125318.jpgcollage from summer of 2009!

20110413-125358.jpgdetail of the collage above. Gotta love Bill.

20110413-125453.jpganother collage from my 2009 sketchbook

I went to my parents house in the country last night and had a revelation.

I found all my old sketchbooks, neatly packed in an orange milk crate outside in the chicken house. I brought them in the house and flipped through every single page of them, losing myself in memories and excitement. My mister and my sister were there watching me go crazy the deeper I got into the old, wrinkled and faded pages. I had forgotten I drew most of the things in them but felt a great connection to them. It’s so good to have sketchbooks full of collages and ideas for paintings from nearly 7 years ago!

I was thinking about doing a page strictly dedicated to old sketches and realized there is too much I want to show. I have decided to post them by books and year which might take a while. I am so inspired and excited.

Looking through the books last night made me realize how much I have grown as an artist. I still draw with the same passion, just better. I have no regrets and I hope the creativity in me never burns out. Of course, I will keep collecting my books to prove it.


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  • There’s nothing quite like stumbling upon a record of your artistic growth from a time in the past! I started art journaling last summer, and am amazed at the growth that I can see, from then to now. While there are times that I feel a bit disappointed that the early work wasn’t of better quality, it’s such a confidence-booster to notice the subtle improvements that were made with each new page.

    I look forward to seeing more of these collages…I love the bright colors and the focus on pop culture logos and people!:-)

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