Jellyfish, come undone

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

the first sketch/draft. the colors were too muted

detail work, purple is a strange color…too red or too blue

i outlined it in black, hated it, cut it out

finished product


I finished this one yesterday. I was home all day by myself while my mister was working hard. I listened to a lot of Stevie Nicks and drank more than one glass of orange soda. I really enjoyed this painting. I used almost everything I could think of to make it look full. The first layer was just collage and watercolor. As you can see in the photos, I decided to turn it upside down. I would rather a piece be top heavy than bottom heavy. Composition is one thing you can change and create your own personal style. Top heavy paintings are my specialty. The second layer was pencil and marker. I laid down crayon, graphite, and more gouache on top. It was a pretty crazy process. Please note the rock city inside the jellyfish… I am a woman of many layers, what can I say?

I have another post coming up. My little cousin decided her artwork is just as good as anybody’s and wants her things posted. I hear squeaking markers as I type…


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