Twilight Zone family and a hippie

March 22, 2011 § 1 Comment




finished piece from last post

Ok, this is going to be quick. I have been working on my header and my layout because this one isn’t cutting’ it. I want it to be simple so the text doesn’t take away from the pics of my artwork. This is going to be a great blog, you watch and see. I received my first comment from a complete stranger! Fortunately Linda is a sweetheart and writes a great art blog! Please check out her site, she really made my day.

I have had these tiny canvases since 2005. Maybe before that. They used to sit on my art trunk, stacked the way I like all things art related. I had the extreme urge to paint the other night and pulled the little guys out. It was quick, and very spur of the moment but came out better than I expected. This seems like a recurring theme in my artful life. It reminds me a family from the twilight zone. Very cool if I do say so myself. The color scheme is one I will use again, I’m sure.

And I finished the little psychedelic hippie dude/dudette. I am unsure what sex it is but it is fabulous either way. I really like that watercolor. Unlike anything I usually do. I also did ALOT of sketches of monsters that I will post after I get my layout situated. And I am still working on the photo shoot……


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