Feeling blank.

March 19, 2011 § 1 Comment


I spent hours today working. On art that is. Worked on my acrylic painting and two watercolors. I even drew two little doodle-guys with big noses. I spent hours tonight looking at new,amazing art. I give everything I have when it comes to art but I am still never satisfied. Everyone has a better blog. Everyone sketches more than me. These days I can’t get up and take a break to do anything else. I always feel guilty about not creating; like I’m cheating or snortin’ lines at brunch. Awful to think, right? Is this paranoia? Is it dedication? If I work and produce and always hate the product; is it worth it? Wonder if Frida or Andy thought like this?

I’d be dead without art. The thing is, it won’t be dead without me.


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§ One Response to Feeling blank.

  • pjhornberger says:

    Somebody ALWAYS has a better blog… LOL Who cares… if you like it, it’s the best. We ALL beat ourselves up for not working… I’ve decided I’m waiting for a vision.. not being lazy. Ha! Love your stuff.

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