Irish today, Hungover tomorrow

March 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, I figured I would do a quick collage in my book earlier for St. Patrick. Really random and not-at-all green but pretty visually appealing. It’s got a lot going on but if you are into that kind of thing then this is for you. The pictures didn’t turn out so great. I had some requests for bigger pictures but my wordpress template gives me a really hard time with the size of them. I have to upload them and re-upload them numerous times. I hate that it is so tedious because it takes the fun away from posting. The next step is to post them on tumblr. I hear they are pretty lenient when it comes to templates and layouts. So please, do not give up on me. I have rather new at this art blog thing.

The last picture is a sneak peek into the new painting I am doing. I want to do more “step-by-step” and “before & after” posts. I won’t post the painting again until I am halfway through or done with it. I am also still working on the photoshoot. Dreamy fabulous glamour starving artist dreamy pisces lover woman black moon and ocean wonders. I know, I know, I can’t wait either!


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§ 2 Responses to Irish today, Hungover tomorrow

  • weja says:

    have you thought about uploading to flickr and then hotlinking the pics here? V: it’s pretty quick and easy, and you have a choice of a few different sizes alwaysalways by default. (:

    • R$ says:

      I have a flickr and a photbucket. I’m redoing it all right thisinute actually. Trying so hard to make it right….

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