2+2=4 pages. not 5, thom.

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have to thank Ms. Alison Jean for inspring this sketchbook entry. You should check her blog out if you have time. She is always posting really neat stuff. I have never, ever used a sewing machine to stitch paper together. My Singer was just-a-singin’ for this one. I used cardstock, postal graff stickers, paint samplers, and microns. .001.

They are also looking all types of vintage because I took the photos on the lomo low. I like them alot though. This is something you will see more of. Chelsea and Mr. Morris always said I was a “mixed-media” artist…

This is a great photo of the next page. you can see the stitch on the left side. These fantastic twins remind me of something out of Divine Sisters of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood from Hell.

The pentagram and the bloody spatterspit was a real joy to put on paper.

I have only had this blog for a week or so. I am smitten with writing again. Making art and reading isn’t enough. Writing makes it all come together, especially knowing you guys are reading it. Thanks for the comments. Tomorrow I am doing a “classic starving artist” photoshoot. Betcha can’t wait for that.


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